Product Detail

Tube heat exchangers are the heat exchanger class used in all processes. There are many different types within its group.

In heat transfer applications, different solutions are often required for different processes. After the necessary information in the process is obtained, it is designed and schematic drawing is drawn by expert mechanical engineers. In the controls made on the schematic drawing, after confirmation that there is no dimensional problem, the manufacturing drawings are drawn.

Each heat exchanger, whose manufacturing drawings are approved, is unique only to the process for which it was designed, and is generally unique. After the heat exchangers are manufactured, they can be isolated if desired, minimizing the heat losses to the outside. There is no capacity limit in the manufacture of tube heat exchangers. By connecting the heat exchangers in series or parallel, they can be grouped in more than one way and their capacities can be increased. TULPAR A.Ş., which supplies facilities where high capacities are required such as Petrochemical Facilities, Power Plants. is one of the leading companies in the sector with its experience in this field.