Product Detail

The SPS type heat exchanger has a plate pack consisting of circular plates, each printed with a wavy “fishbone” pattern. Fluids enter from the inlet/outlet terminals and pass through the gaps between the plates. Heat conduction takes place by transmitting the energy of the hot fluid to the cold fluid on the opposite side through the flow plates, without mixing the two fluids. Thanks to the “fishbone” pattern, a turbulent flow is formed in the effective heat conduction zone of the plate. In addition, the “metal” contact between the plates of this structure makes it possible to have an optimum pressure difference between the fluid circuits. The type of heat exchanger, heat transfer area and plate pattern most suitable for the desired task are determined according to the type of fluid, temperature, pressure drop and thermal dynamic properties of the task. The plate pack is rigidly attached to a cylindrical liner.

The SPS type plate heat exchanger consists of cassettes consisting of two circular plates welded together using modern laser welding machines. These cassettes are designed for use in chemical processes with high pressure and very high/very low temperatures, in the refrigeration industry as condensers and evaporators, in the marine field, power stations, thermal recovery and many other tasks. Design pressure up to 4.0 MPa. Design temperature -100°C to 400°C.