Product Detail

DH series pumps are used for hygienic applications and optimum cleaning in the foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemical/biochemical industries.

Provides pressure resistant, gentle and low vibration transfer. It is compact and economical due to its direct coupled design.


  • Volume proportional to high dosing accuracy and rotational speed,
  • Low-vibration product transfer capability that is not affected by pressure and viscosity fluctuations,
  • Valveless high suction and discharge capacity,
  • reversible transport,
  • Easy maintenance and service,
  • Flow rate proportional to the rotation speed,
  • Pump connections in accordance with international standards,
  • Transfer at low noise and low vibrations,
  • Long life thanks to the pump material resistant to pollution and corrosion,
  • CIP and SIP capability,
  • Food-safe mechanical sealing element, surfaces in contact with the product are polished. In this way, long service life,
  • Pump body and stator can be heated optionally.
  • Ability to work at temperatures between -20°C and 120°C,
  • Maximum 140 m³/hour flow,
  • Maximum 24 bar pressure,
  • Suction capability from 9 meters.