Product Detail

PC DAK series pumps are a suitable solution for all industries to transfer high viscosity, friable bridging fluids.

The flow rate proportional to the rotation speed provides a pressure-resistant, gentle and low-vibration transfer.

In order to prevent bridge formation, bridge breakers are placed in the feeding chamber in addition to the helical shaft. Bridge breakers prevent the formation of bridges and ensure that the fluid is homogeneous. It is economical to compact house due to its direct coupled structure.


  • Transfer of high-viscosity, compacted and friable materials prone to bridging.
  • Low-vibration product transfer capability that is not affected by pressure and viscosity fluctuations,
  • Valveless high pressure capacity,
  • Easy maintenance and service,
  • Flow rate proportional to the rotation speed,
  • Pump connections in accordance with international standards,
  • Transfer at low noise and low vibrations,
  • Ability to work at temperatures between -20°C and 120°C,
  • Maximum flow rate of 170 m³/hour,
  • Maximum pressure of 24 bar.