Product Detail

DF Mini series pumps are the ideal choice for gentle and low-vibration dosing of a wide variety of chemicals in the environmental technology and chemical industry, whether aggressive or non-aggressive.


  • High dosing accuracy,
  • A wide variety of product range dosing capability,
  • Low-vibration product transfer capability that is not affected by pressure and viscosity fluctuations,
  • Valveless high pressure capacity,
  • Easy maintenance and service,
  • Flow rate proportional to the rotation speed,
  • Reversible direction of rotation,
  • High suction and pressure capacity,
  • Compact and economical design,
  • Ability to work at temperatures between 0°C and 40°C,
  • Flow rate between 0.5 liters/hour and 1500 liters/hour,
  • Maximum 12 bar pressure.