Product Detail

As a result of the oxygen diffusion, which usually occurs in the plastic pipes, erosion occurs in the installation, and as a result, the residues and dirt begin to circulate in the installation. In the use of many classical strainers in the installation; The strainer must be opened using the service key to remove dirt and debris. At this time, the system must be stopped and comfort is interrupted. One TULPAR residue and dirt separator is used per installation. In order to discharge the dirt, the ball valve located at the bottom of the product is opened and the dirt is easily thrown out. The system does not need to be stopped. Sediment and dirt in the water cause malfunctions, wear and low efficiency in pumps, motorized valves and other armatures, constantly increasing maintenance requirements and corrosion. Thanks to this product, the difficulties in the maintenance and cleaning of classical strainers have been eliminated and possible negligence caused by these difficulties has been prevented.

Design and Test Pressure: 25 bar

Design and Test Temperature : 150°C