Product Detail

The air and gases dissolved in the installation water turn into gas with the increase in water temperature and begin to circulate in the installation together with the water. It causes corrosion in the metal materials in the installation as well as noise, circulation disorders and cavitation in the pumps. Making air from radiators causes heat problem. Especially in installations where plastic pipes without an oxygen barrier are used and underfloor heating installations, this problem gets worse as there is a constant air inflow into the system.

TULPAR air separators;

– It separates the air in the system and allows it to be evacuated.

-The air is constantly evacuated while the system is running, without the need to stop the pump during the evacuation of the air.

-There is a ball valve connection plug at the bottom of the product for the evacuation of possible deposits.

Design and Test Pressure: 25 bar

Design and Test Temperature : 150°C