Product Detail

DA series pumps are used for pressure-resistant, gentle and low-vibration transfer in almost all branches of industry with screw shaft and feeding chamber.

This design provides better feeding of the pump. It can dose a wide range of products. It is compact and economical due to the direct coupled design.


  • Spiral shaft and feeding chamber design for easy transfer of slow-flowing and high-viscosity fluids,
  • A wide variety of product range dosing capability,
  • Low-vibration product transfer capability that is not affected by pressure and viscosity fluctuations,
  • Valveless high pressure capacity,
  • Easy maintenance and service,
  • Flow rate proportional to the rotation speed,
  • Pump connections in accordance with international standards,
  • Transfer at low noise and low vibrations,
  • Ability to work at temperatures between -20°C and 120°C,
  • Maximum 200 m³/h flow rate,
  • Maximum 12 bar pressure.