Product Detail

Technicial Specifications
* Max product flow : 42 m3/h
* Max product temperature : 60°C
* Max operating pressure : 2 bar
* Max power : 3 kw

Field of Applications
* Drinking water and filling stations
* Cleaning of the surface of food products (vegetables, fruit, fish)
* Olive oil, circus
* Industrial washing equipment (dishwasher, washing machines)
* Beverage facilities (fiber, drinks)
* Machining in the transfer of water ( glass , cans, metal plant )
* Pumping of solids in the sewage and muddy waters,
* Biodiesel plants

Pump Features
* Open to be transferred is the impeller allows the fluid to be particulate. These particles can adversely affect the operation of the pump ,
* All stainless steel, chrome steel is hygienic due to its structure ,
* Different mechanical salmstr applications are available according to the type of liquid used