Product Detail

D series gearboxes are YILMAZ REDUKTOR helical gear units with monoblock body. Due to the hollow shaft, the D series gear units provide ease of installation and compactness for many applications. These models are available in flange, body connection, hollow shaft suspension connection or a combination of these. Hollow shaft gearboxes are designed in modular system as in worm screw models. Output shafts and output flanges can be retrofitted onto the standard product. There are connection holes on both sides of the body. Flexibility is also provided in the motor connections of hollow shaft gear units. IEC B5 or B14, standard coupled or non-motor shaft input models are available. Changes in combinations with other endless and monoblock models are minimized. It replaces worm gear reducers in applications where high strength and efficiency are at the forefront and provides great advantages in terms of radial loads.