Product Detail

Ayvaz GTK-10 and GTK-16 Gate valves (Gate Valves), fluid passage, between the two sealing rings, sliding with a disk perpendicular to the direction of passage (with the bolt) to fulfill their task by opening and closing. The valve closes with a flat surface, disc or bolt and stops flow. The slider may be one-piece or multi-piece. It is preferred to work fully open or fully closed. It is not a preference for precise flow control.

Some fluids in which gate valves are used; water, hot water, hot water, compressed air, fuel and chemical fluids.

Material Structure:
Body and Cover: GGG 40.3 Ductile Iron
Disc: Rubber coated casting


Nominal Diameter:
DN40 (1 1/2 ”) to DN300 (12”)

Pressure Values:
Max. Up to 10 bar (GTK-10)
Max. Up to 16 bar (GTK-16)

Temperature Range:
-10ºC to 120ºC depending on the material structure.

— Textile industry
— Energy production
— Refineries
— Petrochemical plants
— Ship constructions
— Chemical industry
— Food facilities
— Paper mills