H Series

Product Detail

H series horizontal type helical gear units are high quality heavy duty gearboxes manufactured with high technology. YILMAZ REDUKTOR prioritizes power density in its new products. The new H series models have been designed with this principle. Products with high power density are based on the principle of delivering the highest power in the smallest possible volume. However, as the volumes decrease, the thermal loads of the gearboxes increase. For this reason, many refrigeration alternatives are offered as standard in the new products except for improved oil and seal properties and high efficiency. Another innovation in new products is ease of assembly. Versatile connection, direct motor coupling, flanged connection are the features developed for this purpose. Due to its versatile coupling properties, additional features such as independent or coupled forced lubrication, expansion tank are available in accordance with the mounting position. Providing flexible solutions in line with customer needs is another basic principle. For high radial loads and agitators, the reinforced front bearing collar and extended bearing length, mechanical lock for applications with unidirectional operating requirements such as conveyor or elevator, brake for execution or lifting applications, clamping ring for impact applications are some of the standard solutions. All models have special solutions for extruder applications.

Features and Advantages
Monoblock body design,
Possibility of connection from any surface,
6 different mounting positions from M1 to M6,
Possibility to connect standard IEC B5 motor,
Alternative cooling and lubrication options depending on operating conditions,
Complete solutions with eldro brake, hydraulic coupling and motor on the chassis,
Optional solutions with body lock or electromagnetic brake,
Optional output shafts with shrink disk or DIN5480 multi-wedge,
Mounting possibility with output flange,
Removable right and left extruder throat output options for extruder machines.
Additional Solutions and Accessories
IEC B5 Motor connection flanges,
Output connection flanges,
Crimping ring,
Mechanical lock application,
Elastic or hydraulic couplings between motor and gearbox when gearbox is supplied with chassis,
Cooling options with heat exchanger, coil, integrated fan in the input shaft, radiator,
Forced lubrication options,
Oil heater, oil flow sensor, oil filter, glass oil level gauge, special felt solutions,
Expansion tank.