Product Detail

Design Features:

– All bolts, screws, etc. that come into contact with the liquid being pressed must be made of bronze or corrosion resistant material.
– Supplied with fire pump, automatic air relief valve, housing cooling valve and manometers.
– The bearings must have a L-10 life of at least 5000 hours in the case of maximum loading.
– Fire pumps should be supplied with at least 4 winding soft seals and a watering ring between them. If no watering ring is to be installed, there must be at least 5 winding soft packings.
– The fire pump impeller, wear rings, shaft, irrigation ring and glene must be made of corrosion resistant material.
– STANDARD UL / FM fire pumps are manufactured according to the following material combinations:

Technical information
Flow rate 750-1000-1250-1500 GPM
Head up to 200 PSI
Body Pressure (pmax) 16 bar (25 bar)
Speed up to 3000 rpm