Product Detail

DF series pumps can be applied in any industry where various products need to be pumped or dosed very precisely.

It transfers low or medium viscosity, solid particles, sticky and abrasive products gently and under low vibration.

It is compact and economical with its direct coupled and flanged design. It has two different rotor/stator geometries and with this feature, it can transfer a wide range of products.


  • Low-vibration product transfer capability that is not affected by pressure and viscosity fluctuations,
  • Valveless high pressure capacity,
  • Easy maintenance and service thanks to separate flange bearing and pump base connection,
  • Sensitive product transfer,
  • Pump connections in accordance with international standards,
  • Transfer at low noise and low vibrations,
  • 9 meters of suction capacity,
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting capability,
  • Ability to work at temperatures between -20 °C and 120 °C,
  • Maximum flow rate of 340 m³ / hour,
  • Maximum 24 bar pressure.