We Have Taken Our Precautions Against Coronavirus

As Ortas, we implemented a series of precaution to protect the health of employees and company guests due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

  • All international travel has been canceled.
  • 14 rules against coronavirus risk, prepared by the Ministry of Health, were hanged in many of our branches and plants.
  • All employees with symptoms, similar to the common cold were allowed to rest at home.
  •  Coronavirus risk groups were considered as 15 days administrative leave.
  • In order to relax work areas and increase interpersonal distances, half of the white-collar and blue-collar employees were allowed the first week and the rest the other week. Fifteen days later, if needed, white collar employees will switch to home office alternately.
  • Hand sanitizer was placed in many places in all our branches and factory. In all sinks and branches, a disinfection process with a chart follow-up started every two hours.
  • Stair rails, door handles, common devices, etc. risk areas were started to be cleaned more carefully so that they do not contain viruses.
  • A new seating arrangement has been established to prevent staff from eating together. It was ensured that the staff kept the social distance while waiting for a meal.
  • Our employees were informed about Covid-19 by our company doctor.