Product Detail

The IMPO Casting Submersible Pump Series is made of cast iron with excellent hydrodynamic design. It is the most economical solution as the initial investment cost. It is especially preferred for wells that have not been fully reconditioned and have high sand content and to be used in irrigation applications. The thickness of cast iron fans and diffusers provides resistance to abrasion and long life due to particles. Peak, Ductile Iron, Bronze – Zincless Bronze options are available. Acid, sea salt and so on. There are different solutions for use in chemical abrasive environments, such as only the fans or the entire pump is made of bronze. They have the widest range in terms of responding to high flow requirements up to 400 Ton / m3.

Scope of application
It is widely used in agriculture, municipality, industry, domestic use and mining.
All kinds of water pressure applications
To draw water from tanks, basins or pools and wells,
Various types of liquid material distribution and high pressures,
Autoclave and water tank entrances,
in Fountain,
Irrigation systems,
Lawn and garden irrigation,
Sprinkler and drip systems,
In greenhouses and nurseries,
Water supply to country houses, farms and huts,
On sea platforms,
Treatment plants,
Chemical and mining industry,
In food industry,
Fire extinguishing works,
Washing facilities,
Groundwater lowering applications