Product Detail

Design Features:

Separate panel is used for electropump, diesel motopump and leak pump.
Locking mechanism is placed on the panels.
Continuous grounding is done.
Pumps can be operated manually via the panel.
With the help of the LRP system, if the electropump gets stuck, it automatically turns off the main switch.
There is no thermal protection in the panels (except leakage pump).
Warning signals on the electropump panels (except leakage pump):
Pump 1 is on
2. Pump off
3. water is at minimum level (if desired)
4. Phase reversed
5. phase loss
6. Power fit
7. Lamp test button (if desired)
8. Silent audible and non-mutable light alarm
9. Locked rotor (LRP)
Two 12 V batteries for diesel engine
Battery charging system
Warning signals on diesel engine pump panels
1. high temperature
2. Low oil pressure
3. Over speed
4. auto position
5. charging lamp
6. Battery 1 malfunction
7. Battery 2 malfunction
8. Start error
9. charger failure
10. The engine is running
11. Lamp test button (if desired)
12. silenced audible and non-mutable light alarm