Product Detail

Single phase, cage rotor, fully closed (IP 55) asynchronous motors. It is divided into 2 according to the starting torque required by the load:

* Permanent capacitor motors
* Starting + Permanent Capacitor motors

Permanent capacitor motors are used in applications such as circular saws, drills, polishing, lawn mowers and fans with a low starting torque of 40-80% of the rated torque.
Starting + Permanent capacitor motors are used in applications requiring high starting torque such as compressors, hydraulic and centrifugal pumps thanks to their high starting torque of 180-250% of their rated torque. In these motors, a fully electronic start relay is used to deactivate the start capacitor after the motor reaches its rated speed. The electronic start relay has endless life and additional protective measures compared to centrifugal switches and different electromagnetic relays.