Product Detail

The closing element in the butterfly valves is a rotating shaft that is placed on a vertical axis. The sealing is provided between the metal flap and the elastic or plastic sealing elements covering the inside of the body. The sealing element also serves as a flange seal between the valve and the pipe.

Advantages of such valves are; low pressure loss, easy opening and closing, good sealing, light weight and small footprint.

The Ayvaz KV-17 Wafer Type Butterfly Valves should be checked to see if they are moving freely during the
installation. The valve stem may be horizontal or vertical. However, horizontal installation on DN300 should be

Product Material
Body: GGG-40.3 Cast Iron
Stem: AISI 416 Stainless Steel
Disc: Aluminium Bronze
Connection:Wafer Type
Max. Working Temperature: 80 °C

Application Areas
-Heating,ventilating and air conditioning systems
-Water treatment and distributing systems
-Mining industry
-Shipbuilding and drilling plant
-Chemical and petrochemical plants
-Sugar industry,food and chemistry industries
-Fire extinguisher systems

It is recommended to use reducer type for DN 125, DN 150, DN 200 diameters in butterfly valves. There are only
reducer type production on DN200 and above for KV 17 Butterfly valves.

Actuator Types
– Hand operated
– Reducer
– Single Action Pneumatic Actuator
– Double Action Pneumatic Actuator
– With Electric Actuator / On-Off (Manual Arm)