Product Detail

Ayvaz GV-40 Globe Valves are suitable for use at high pressures and temperatures. Pressure losses are higher than other valves. With the vertical moving valve, the horizontal sealing of the metal site is ensured by sealing the surface.

Sealing from the body to the atmosphere is ensured by wire mesh graphite gasket or graphite gasket. The sealing from the shaft of the valve is provided by a stuffing box consisting of elastic sealing rings.

Some fluids using globe valves; water, hot water, hot water, steam, hot oil, compressed air, fuel oil, LPG, heat transfer oils and chemical fluids.

Material Structure:
Body: GS-C25 Steel Casting
Interior: Stainless Steel


Nominal Diameter:
DN15 (1/2 ”) to DN200 (8”)

Pressure Values:
Max. Up to 40 bar

Temperature Range:
-10ºC to 450ºC depending on the material structure.

-Textile industry
-Energy production
-Rafineri on
-Petrochemical plants
-Ship constructions
-Chemical sector
-Food plants
-Paper mills