Product Detail

Gate valves; They perform their task by closing and opening the fluid passage between two sealing rings with a blade (slider) sliding perpendicular to the passage direction. It is preferred that they work as fully open or fully closed. They are not suitable for precise flow control.

Usage Areas and Sealing
It is a type of valve suitable for use mostly in fibrous fluids, for example in paper industry and waste water lines. It provides full sealing with its one-piece body and elastomer (EPDM, NBR, NR) seat. It can also be produced with metal seat depending on its fluid properties.

It can be flywheel, gear box, chain wheel, pneumatic actuator and electric actuator.
It is available with rising and non-rising national alternatives.

Drive Type:
Usually by hand, with pneumatic actuators

– Fully open valve provides a very low resistance and smooth transition for flow.
– They can be used for flow from both sides.
– The valve can be installed in any position. However, it is preferable to have the spindle perpendicular to the ground and the flywheel on top.
– There is a short valve length even at large nominal diameters.
– They can be obtained economically and easily.
– There are types suitable for high pressures.
– It is easy to maintain.

Fluid Type:
It is preferred to be used in all fluids that we can call semi-solid.

Rated Dimensions:
It can be from DN 50 to DN 600.

Operating Temperature Range:
It is generally between -10 °C and +110 °C.

Body Material
A216 WCB (Steel Casting)

Operating pressure

Scope of application
– Paper Industry
– Petro Chemical Industry-Treatment Plants
– Mining Industry
– Chemical Production Facilities
– Food
– Control systems