SRG (Solid Reinforced Graphite) Gaskets

Product Detail

SRG gasket is a solid gasket made by a rigid metal core with two expanded graphite layers bonded to each face. Solid core provide protection against blow out whilst soft graphite layers provide an excellent seal due its high conformability into the flange faces even under low applied seating stesses. It is possible to use a wide range of core materials, from carbon steel to exotic alloys.


The standard core material is two 2,00 mm thk.+ layers of 0,5 mm each side. For large diameter is possible to increase the core thk, whilst, for the old and damaged flanges, is possible to increase the layers thk to improve the seability and decrease the bolt stresses.

SRG gaskets find applications in chemical and petrolchemical plants for Low pressure heat exchangers, narrow land width, non circular shapes. and in case in which there isn’t enough space to install a conventional swg or insuffi cient load is available to seat it.