Product Detail

NMM series pumps are volute, single-stage, end suction monoblock type centrifugal pumps. They are produced as closed impeller and mechanical seal as standard.
The basic dimensions and rated flow rates comply with the values ​​recommended in EN 733 (DIN 24255).
The axial force acting on the impeller is compensated by the wear ring and the balancing holes.
The motor and pump are two separate units and two separate shafts are available. The motor shaft is connected to the pump shaft as a snap. For motors above a certain power, the pump and motor shaft are connected by a separate rigid coupling.
Maintenance is very easy thanks to the back pull-out design.
The use of common parts was effectively implemented when designing the NMM series, resulting in significant improvements in stock control and delivery time.
Standard asynchronous motors are used for the drive.
In NMM series pumps, shaft sealing is provided by mechanical seal. All radial and axial forces are carried by motor bearings.

Scope of application

Water supply and promotion centers
Irrigation, sprinkling, drainage
Storage systems
Marine industry
Hot-cold water circulation circuits in heating and cooling systems
Pressing the condensate water
Pool water circulation circuits
Industrial and domestic liquid dispensing processes